Best-in-class multi sport surfaces, with excellent wet-traction and more

Why Choose PrimePlay?

PrimePlay’s superior traction, durability, ball response, and safety make it the ideal court for both professional competitions and backyard games. Engineered with patented WetTrax technology, PrimePlay allows for play after rain without waiting for the court to dry.* Its specialty grid design reduces water retention and, combined with a superior UV-resistant formula, ensures the court remains in prime condition for over 15 years without resurfacing.

With playability for most outdoor sports, including basketball, volleyball, pickleball, and more, PrimePlay was designed for optimal play with unmatched ball response, mimicking the dribbling feel of a hardwood floor. With 14% shock absorption and Lateral Forgiveness™ technology,

PrimePlay reduces impact and injury risks, making it safer than traditional outdoor surfaces, and a great option for your family or facilities.

*Use athletic shoes. Do not use barefoot. Make an effort to clear court of excess dew and water.