Sport Court Accessories

Complete your backyard game court with Sport Court's top of the line accessories.

Sport Court Hoops

Complete your court with a Sport Court hoop system designed for unparalleled performance and safety. All Sport Court hoop systems are easily raised and lowered allowing the hoop to grow with your family. The ½” tempered glass backboard gives the look and feel of a professional hoop for athletes at all levels. 

Made with the highest grade materials, the Sport Court hoop systems are built to last. Choose a hoop system from Sport Court and provide your family with countless hours of safe play, year after year.


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SportBase is a high-performance concrete replacement for your game court or outdoor court surface. SportBase is made from 100% recycled material and was specifically engineered for use under a Sport Court system.

Sport Base reduces the need for heavy equipment and aviodes easement limitations and water drains directly through SportBase resulting in no environmental runoff concerns. It's what's underneath that counts.


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Light Systems

Sport Court light systems allow you and your family to enjoy your backyard court day and night. Our single and double headed lighting solutions will keep your court lit for safe play after the sun goes down. 

No game of 3x3, pickleball match, or volleyball drills should every end before you are done enjoying the fun. Play a night match or practice until it's time to call it a night based on when you say so, not the sun. 


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Ball Containment and Rebounders

Sport Court ball containment systems allow you to keep the fun on the court. Our unique system soft netting for an effective and aesthetically pleasing solution. With ball containment netting you can spend more time playing your favorite games and less time chasing after run away basketballs! 

Sport Court rebounders enhance practice for all sports including soccer, tennis, baseball and basketball by allowing you to practice anytime of the day without your team. Practice drills or simply have fun honing your quickness and accuracy with Sport Court's fast return rebounder system. 


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Multi-Purpose Net Systems

Raise or lower nets without missing a serve. The easy to use pulley and crank systems allows you to pivot from tennis to volleyball in a matter of minutes.

Designed with a range of sports in mind, the intuitive construction of these nets accommodates all your sports needs. Position the net at full height to enjoy badminton or lower the net for pickle ball.

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