Bringing players together worldwide

New sports, games, and other forms of recreation are constantly appearing. You need maximum versatility and durability when adding or refurbishing recreation facilities like outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, or gym floors so you can keep up with the changes.

But what if you could also add performance, safety, and eco-friendly materials all while keeping your maintenance costs low? With Sport Court indoor and outdoor surfaces, you can.


Additional benefits

Our certified local CourtBuilders™ can install high-performance courts quickly and efficiently without adhesives. We also combine the safest court technology in the world with eco-friendly materials to make your recreational areas the best for your communities and the environment.


Whether you're hosting the volleyball playoffs of the state basketball championships, you can rest easy knowing that every player that goes on your court is playing on the Safest Court in the World™. Our patented Lateral Forgiveness™ and superior shock absorption technology ensures that every player that's on your court can focus on playing the game, and not on their injuries.

Now What?

Contact your local CourtBuilder to find out more about getting a Sport Court surface for your park and recreation facilities.


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