Bringing Players Together

New sports, games, and other forms of recreation are constantly appearing. You need maximum versatility and durability when adding or refurbishing recreation facilities like outdoor basketball courts, pickleball courts, tennis courts, or gym floors so you can keep up with the changes.

But what if you could also add performance, safety, and eco-friendly materials all while keeping your maintenance costs low? With Sport Court indoor and outdoor surfaces, you can.



Make the most of your existing facilities. Sport Court's patented, interlocking tiles easily overlay outdated concrete, asphalt and acrylic surfaces. Now, you can repurpose underutilized courts and free up space for more sports and recreational programming.


All Sport Court tiles provide exceptional protection against abrasions, head injuries and joint strain. Extensive third-party testing ensures that athletes of an age remain safe while playing and competing on Sport Court surfaces. Sport Court's Lateral Forgiveness feature allows for slight movement between tiles to absorb the transition forces generated from sudden shifts in direction, reducing the risk of muscle and joint injuries.


Now What?

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