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“Connor Sport Court International has been our first major partner for 3x3 basketball since back in April 2012. It is great to work with such an experienced and innovative company such as Sport Court, who provides us with a new surface designed to boost the performances of our best 3x3 basketball players in a safe environment in the most iconic urban landscapes in the world.”

-FIBA 3x3


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Official Court of FIBA 3x3

FIBA selected Sport Court® as their court supplier because Sport Court delivers a high-performance product that makes an event director’s job easier.

  • PORTABILITY: 1 court comes in two 3m crates
  • EASY INSTALLATION: 2 guys, 1 hour, 1 court
  • PLAY ANYWHERE: Sport Court 3x3 basketball courts can be put down over almost any hard, flat surface allowing 3x3 tournaments to be played in a variety of unique, iconic venues
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Personalized colors and logos
  • SAFETY: Protects athletes from joint fatigue and overuse injuries

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