Built for the love of the game

Bring the ball and racquets. We’ll take care of the court. We build 36’, 60’, and full-sized 78’ tennis courts for homes and tennis facilities.

You can be confident because you’ll be getting a truly professional-grade court: both 36’ and 60’ Sport Court tennis courts have been used by the United States Tennis Association® for years.

Additional benefits

Our certified CourtBuilders™ can install high-performance courts efficiently and quickly without adhesives. We also combine the safest court technology in the world with eco-friendly materials to make your recreational areas the best for your communities and the environment.



Both tennis veterans and young tennis rookies can attest to the importance of a Sport Court tennis court. Thanks to our patented Lateral Forgiveness™ and superior shock absorption, tennis players are able to play the game they love longer and better than ever before.

Now What?

Contact your local CourtBuilder to find out more about getting a Sport Court tennis court surface for your backyard or facility.


In addition to designing and installing tennis courts, our CourtBuilders also specialize in backyard basketball courts, multi-sport game courts, volleyball courts, futsal courts, roller hockey courts, netball courts, handball courts, and putting greens.


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