Ready for play

If you plan to host a variety of sports or a variety of teams, you need courts capable of hosting basketball, tennis, volleyball, futsal, roller hockey, netball, and handball. That’s not to mention you’ll need to find a court that can withstand heavy-duty play.

That’s why we make our courts durable and versatile, allowing for rapid sport-to-sport transition. Through all of that play, our flooring delivers consistent ball bounce and provides shock absorbance to reduce injuries. We design our courts to provide low life-cycle costs, easy maintenance, and outstanding value for years to come.

“Sport Court is the only company to construct and design your basketball courts. During my multi-year planning process I researched every possible option, and there is no one even close to the caliber of Sport Court. You will not be disappointed.”

Jordan Meinster, CEO amp; Founder — PickUp USA

Additional benefits

Our certified CourtBuilders™ can install high-performance courts quickly and efficiently without adhesives. We also combine safer court technology with eco-friendly materials to make your recreational areas the best for your communities and the environment.


Whether you're hosting the volleyball playoffs of the state basketball championships, you can rest easy knowing that every player that goes on your court is playing on a sport surface that provides superior safety features for your athletes. Our patented Lateral Forgiveness™ and superior shock absorption technology ensures that every player that's on your court can focus on playing the game, and not on their injuries.

Now What?

Contact your local CourtBuilder to find out more about getting Sport Court surfaces for your pay-for-play facility.

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