Your Guide to Sports Procurement as a Purchasing Agent or Manager in the Public Sector

- May 25th, 2024 

Purchasing in the public sector typically requires a competitive-bid process to ensure best value and fairness in the awarding of contracts for goods and services. But what if you could satisfy those legal requirements and still get the products you want, installed by a qualified and experienced vendor, at a fair price?

Cooperative purchasing through a Sourcewell contract saves you time and money by streamlining the procurement process, with 100% compliance with competitive-bid requirements.

As an Sourcewell Awarded Vendor since 2014, Sport Court can work with you to provide a competitive price for your outdoor or indoor courts, for everything from pickleball to basketball, volleyball to roller hockey.



Benefits of Public Sports Procurement and Sport Court

Who Can Use the Contract?
Sourcewell purchasing is contracted in every state in the U.S., with purchases from each state in the tens to hundreds of million dollars per year. Any public agency—including public and private schools and districts, governments, parks and recreation districts and departments, many non-profits, clubs and community organizations—can become a member and have full access to the various contracted services and products within a couple of days.  

Satisfies open-bidding requirements 
Procurement through Sourcewell satisfies open-bidding laws and regulations. Sport Court was awarded a Vendor Contract with Sourcewell through a highly competitive process which allows member organizations to issue Purchase Orders for the products and services listed on the schedule without a separate bidding process for each project. 

Not-to-Exceed Pricing 
As part of our contract, Sport Court has published a schedule of ceiling-based pricing for each product or service we typically provide. You can be assured of a fair deal when procuring through this method.

Saves Time and Money 
In addition to the protective price ceilings built into the agreement, you will save significant time, money and effort by working with Sport Court under this Vendor Agreement. Rather than preparing and promoting a public-bid event, you can negotiate the specific products you need directly with your Sport Court Dealer on each project. 

No Cost or Obligation  
There is no cost to join Sourcewell and no obligation, ever, to purchase. But membership in Sourcewell gives you access to over 300 Awarded Vendors like Sport Court to create a more cost-effective and simplified process for procuring the goods and services you need.  

How Does Cooperative Purchasing Fit Into the Public Procurement Process?

Cooperative purchasing is a strategy where multiple government agencies collaborate to buy goods and services, leveraging their collective buying power to achieve cost savings, efficiency gains, standardized solutions, and enhanced compliance.

By pooling their resources, they secure lower prices, save time and money, and elect to avoid low-bid, low-quality responses. Cooperative groups, formed by entities such as municipalities or school districts, identify common needs and conduct a single procurement process through a lead agency, following public procurement rules. This centralized approach allows smaller entities to benefit from the expertise of larger ones, ensures consistent quality with clearly defined pricing, and fosters trust and stable relationships with suppliers. Contracts awarded through this process are specified and made available to all members, streamlining procurement, and achieving better value.

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Understanding Sourcewell Cooperative Purchasing

Sourcewell uses a comprehensive RFP process to select its approved vendors, thereby satisfying the open-bid, competitive-purchasing requirements common to most public and governmental entities, schools, non-profits, and a variety of other organizations. As a result, our Sourcewell member customers can simply accept a proposal for Sport Court products without extending a public-bid offering on each project. Since Sourcewell satisfies the bid process this will cut out the need for a long and laborious RFP. If you know Sport Court is the right partner for you, we can work together from the start!

Sports Organizations and Facilities

Sports organizations, including sports teams and clubs, as well as sports complexes and recreation centers, benefit from these procurement partnerships. These facilities can ensure their supply chain is efficient, pricing is fair, and products are delivered on-site and on time. Whether it's full-time, part-time, or employer active, these procurement solutions cater to various stakeholder needs, ensuring sustainability and meeting benchmarks for quality and performance.

Sport Court's Years of Experience

With years of experience, Sport Court has been a trusted partner in the industry, supporting a wide range of sporting events and renovations for sports facilities. Our team works closely with stakeholders to ensure that every project meets the highest standards, from initial sourcing to final submissions.

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