Transforming Playgrounds: How Sport Court Surfaces Empower Boys & Girls Clubs Nationwide

- June 21, 2024

Boys & Girls Clubs across the country have embraced Sport Court surfaces, recognizing the value of safe, economical, and low-maintenance options for their communities.  

Sport Court surfaces are easy to maintain and cost-effective, allowing Boys & Girls Clubs to keep expenses low while ensuring their fitness programs run without interruption. These surfaces can be installed in just one day and require minimal upkeep, resulting in reduced costs and a long lifecycle filled with community activities. 

Misti Potter currently supports marketing for Sport Court of Texas and digital content development for Sport Court Austin,  and is a former CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Austin, shares her positive experiences with the product: 

"I worked for Boys & Girls Clubs for 24 years across the Southeast and Southwest Regions, and from the first time I learned of Sport Court flooring at a conference, I was sold. Since that time, the technology behind the products has improved even more, making them the most durable, safest, and long-lasting option for gyms and outdoor courts. Sport Court indoor flooring and outdoor court surfacing have been installed in several of the Clubs I worked with, most recently at the BGC in Austin, TX. The number one priority for Sport Court and Boys & Girls Clubs is SAFETY, and Sport Court flooring and outdoor courts are the safest products on the market today. For so many positive reasons, choosing Sport Court is the best decision an organization can make." 


Misti highlights seven key reasons why Sport Court is the ideal choice for Boys & Girls Clubs nationwide: 

  • Safety: Reduces the occurrence of serious abrasions and head injuries from falls. 
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Significantly lower maintenance costs, allowing funds to be redirected into programming, staff pay, or other budget areas. 
  • Flexibility: Modular surfaces can be relocated if the club changes locations or acquires new property. 
  • Fundraising Potential: Court and flooring tiles can be sponsored, similar to a Brick Campaign, by selling sponsorships for logo or name placement. 
  • Energy Efficiency: No concerns for heating or cooling the facility, allowing HVAC systems to be turned off during downtime and saving money without harming the floors. 
  • Durability: No worries about indoor flooding, water damage, bubbles, or cracked surfaces. 
  • Longevity: Sport Court floors come with a 15-year warranty and are known to last 10-30 years. 

Sport Court believes that every child deserves a chance to thrive, regardless of their background or circumstances. By providing safe and accessible places to play, Nancy Lieberman Charities is breaking down those barriers and opening doors for children to realize their full potential even beyond the sport.


The safe, cost-effective, and low-maintenance qualities of Sport Court surfaces have earned the loyalty of Boys & Girls Clubs across the United States. With dozens of installations to date, Sport Court has provided local youth and communities with a reliable and safe place to gather, play, and learn. By choosing Sport Court, Boys & Girls Clubs can continue to prioritize their mission, investing in the future of young people while ensuring their facilities remain in top condition.