Summer is a time when the outdoors thrive once again, whether it’s families going to their local zoo, friends going on a hiking trip or a father playing basketball with his son on their home basketball court. As we get excited about the t-shirt weather and long summer nights, so do our pets.

Pets all around the nation impatiently wait for a trip outside where they can once again run around, roll in the grass, play fetch and feel free. While you may worry about letting your pets outside since the recent install of your sleek backyard basketball court, remember that these courts are the most durable and Safest Courts in the World. Here is how they hold up against your four-legged friends.

Against the PowerGame™

You won’t have to worry about your canine friends scratching up your PowerGame™ sports flooring. Looking at the specifications sheet, this incredible sports flooring system reaches a 65 R hardness on the Rockwell hardness scale — converting to around a 4 on Mohs hardness scale.

Fingernails and canine nails are similar in their structure, as they are both made up of keratin. Keratin reaches a maximum of 2.5 on Mohs scale, making your game court impenetrable when it comes to your puppy’s nails.


The hoops offered with a Sport Court game court are built to last. Due to the hoop’s extreme durability and corrosion resistance, you should have zero worries about damage from man’s best friend.

Worried About Larger Breeds?

If you still aren’t convinced by the extreme durability of these courts, consider investing in ball containment. There is no need for expensive, weak, permanent fencing systems when you can have Sport Court CourtBuilders™ install unique, soft-fence netting, guaranteed to give you your privacy while your pets play on the other side.

Have some fun in the sun with your pets this summer in the safest and most reliable way. Install a sport court home basketball court and watch your backyard come to life.