The world is your playground, and with a Sport Court backyard court, your backyard becomes a sports arena.

People’s first thoughts when they think about putting a court in their backyard is that it could only be used for just one or two sports like basketball or tennis. Actually, a Sport Court backyard court has plenty more capabilities than just a home basketball court — and they’re not all sports related.

The possibilities of a game court are endless. You can use it for essentially any competitive sport, including soccer, handball, netball, futsal and roller hockey. The multi-sport surface gives you countless options for what you can do with your game court. One day you can make it a street hockey court, and the next day you can seamlessly turn it into a soccer court.

When you’re installing your game court, Sport Court’s certified CourtBuilderswill help you with deciding what you want for your backyard. If you’re looking for it to be exclusively a home basketball court or a game court that can accommodate multiple activities, the CourtBuilders will be able install what you’re looking for.

But what about those other activities you can do on your Sport Court game court? The possibilities are endless there as well. Some of the more popular activities are hosting a BBQ or a fun movie night. With the summer Olympics only a few weeks away, your Sport Court backyard court would be the ideal place to host a viewing party, and maybe during the commercial breaks the Olympics will inspire you to do a quick pickup game with your friends and family.

Sport Court surfaces go beyond just being a home basketball court. As long as there are sports and people who want to get together for events, there’ll always be a reason to own a Sport Court game court.