The Summer Olympics is the most anticipated affair of this year. Since this special occasion only happens once every four years, it’s important to make it a time to gather with your family and friends. 

Whether it’s the opening ceremonies or the toughest competitions of 2016, this is an event you should not miss. Through a few simple tips, you can gather everyone on your Sport Court home basketball court for the viewing party they will never forget. 



Nothing spreads national pride like the right kind of decorations. When team USA flags are hung up around your home basketball court, you can show your support from thousands of miles away. 

Music is a key part of setting the mood for a screening like this. Create your own Olympics Mix including Queen’s “We Are the Champions” and Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” to enjoy while eating or taking a break from watching to shoot hoops.



What’s an Olympic party without an international feast? Lucky for us, the host city of the games, Rio de Janeiro, is known for the best barbeque in South America. By tracking down a few recipes, your own authentic Brazilian barbeque will be the hit of the neighborhood.


The Outdoor Setup

A home basketball court is the ideal location to have your Olympic viewing party. The level surface will keep your tables from wobbling and your food from ending up on the floor. Even better than that is the fact that you won’t have to worry about damaging your expensive projector equipment for the sake of a party. 

By setting up a projector in the middle of the court and playing the ceremonies on the side of your house, you can foster community engagement. With the right size of court, every family in the neighborhood can set up a chair to join the fun.

The ball is in your court. Earn yourself a gold medal with the Olympic party of the ages.