Have you ever wished you had a nice local space where your kids could play sports together with all the neighborhood children? In the absence of local municipal parks or playgrounds, it can sometimes be difficult to find a safe space for children to play. However, with a game court, you can bring the neighborhood activities into your own backyard.


A Community Space

With a home basketball court in your backyard, you can turn your home into a safe space for local community and family engagement. Invite the family next-door over for a barbeque or a quick game of pickup badminton or tennis. With the ample space afforded from a Sport Court backyard court, you can host the local art center’s next fundraising event or organize a bake sale for the high school basketball team. Your backyard will become the place to be for the neighborhood children, and your house will be the talk of the town.


Foster Neighborhood Athletics

Worried the neighbor’s kids aren’t getting enough exercise? Invite them over to play on your backyard home basketball court. Getting your own children involved in athletics is essential for their overall growth and development — but having other kids to play with makes for higher quality of play and increases the number of games you can play on your game court from Sport Court.


Spend More Time With the Kids

Using your home basketball or multisport court as a community space also ensures that you’ll spend more time being active with your own kids. If you’re hosting multiple game nights a week, you’ll be sure to get that fitness in — whether you’re busting out the moves on the basketball court or working on your killer tennis serve.


Be More Social

All in all, having a backyard community game court will be sure to make you a more active member of your community. If you’re interested in fostering community engagement, neighborhood activity and athletics, a home basketball court might be right for you and your family.