Summer is an important part of keeping your children active in sports, and thankfully your home basketball court is one of the best ways to keep them playing all types of sports all summer long. But it’s important to remember that there are plenty of ways to get hurt while you and your family play in the summer heat. So make sure you and your family stay safe with these simple tips.


Wear Sunscreen While Shooting Hoops


It’s always fun to be out in the sun shooting hoops with friends, but you’ll feel the burn the next day if you don’t apply sunscreen. If you plan on playing outside for awhile, make sure to get sunscreen that’s water or sweat proof so you don’t have to constantly reapply sunscreen.


Stretch Before Hitting the Volleyball Court


Make sure you take five minutes before play to stretch your legs, arms, back and other parts of your body before heading out to your volleyball home court. Not stretching can lead to a muscle cramping or being pulled, which takes a few days to properly recover. Even if you’re going to play a quick pickup game on your home basketball court, make sure to warm up before you go 100 percent into playing the game.


Stay Hydrated While Playing Tennis


Even Serena Williams has to take frequent water breaks to keep her performance levels up —so even if you’re not feeling thirsty, make sure to drink water frequently. Your body loses fluids when you’re active, and it loses even more when it’s hot outside. Whatever water your body loses, make sure to replenish it so you can keep your game strong.


Supervise Children


Always make sure to keep an eye on your children when they’re playing on your home basketball court. Leaving them a cellphone to call in an emergency might not be enough. For injuries such as a sprained ankle or a broken bone, it’s crucial to respond quickly which is hard to do if you aren’t watching them.

Summer’s a great time to keep physically active. And by taking some minor precautions while you’re outside, you’ll be able to spend more time with your family on your home basketball court, and less time dealing with injuries.