Tonight when the teams step onto the Sport Court volleyball court you could call it a battle of David vs. Goliath. 2013 NCAA DI Volleyball title holder Penn State is returning to the Maple Select court to take on the unseeded BYU team that marched their way to the finals. It is the battle of two women, 6'7"  BYU senior Jennifer Hamson, who was recently drafted by the WNBA and PSU senior Micha Hancock, who is arguably one of the best setters to play and is the AVCA player of the year. 

And from our perspective it is the opportunity to provide these elite volleyball players a custom court to take home a NCAA DI National Championship. Take a look at the Sport Court volleyball court going in over the OKC Thunder Connor Sports QuickLock Portable basketball court, to make Cheseapeak Energy Arena into the NCAA Championship venue this week.