Street Soccer USA and US Soccer Foundation with Sport Court

On August 15 – 17, Street Soccer USA held their annual National Cup, and Sport Court was there to lend a hand. Through a grant from the U.S. Soccer Foundation, a new, custom street soccer court was assembled at the Civic Plaza next to City Hall downtown in San Francisco, along with two other courts provided by Sport Court in previous years for this organization.

Street Soccer USA is a non-profit organization that uses sports to help adults and youth overcome homelessness in 16 U.S. cities. To date, Sport Court has provided nearly a dozen courts for this group, through grants from the U.S. Soccer Foundation.

“We’re proud to be affiliated with an organization like Street Soccer that does so much to help those struggling with homelessness and other challenges,” says Joel McCausland of Sport Court. “It’s a great thrill to see these teams coming together from all over the country to compete in this event, but more importantly, to see such significant changes in their lives and situations.”

Street Soccer USA uses their soccer program to deliver job and life skills training to team members, helping them to connect to jobs, education and housing. 75% of participants achieve at least one of these outcomes within a year of joining the program. 

To learn more about Sport Court in the community visit Courts for Communities.

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