If you’re a sports oriented family, having a home basketball court is in your near future — that is, if you don’t have one already. There are a variety of different types of courts you can consider having in your backyard.

Some families on a budget settle for simple concrete courts. What more could you need? The answer is safety. Your first priority should always be to keep your family safe.

Every Sport Has Risk of Injury

Each sport is different and has different risks attached to it. At Sport Court, we specialize in making custom courts for all kinds of sports. One of the many challenges we face is to make sure your Sport Court game courts are a safe as we can possibly make them.

A handful of factors come into play when talking about the injuries possible while playing sports, but the playing surface is a major factor. It isn’t the hit, shove or trip that usually injures a player, it is the subsequent crash into the ground that does the most damage. That’s why we focus so much on minimizing that risk of injury.

Basketball Has its Specific Risks

Basketball is a contact sport. It’s not considered dangerous to play, but your kids are going to be pushed around while they are having fun. Sometimes accidents can happen and you want to make sure you have the proper equipment to minimize the risk of serious injury.

Concussions, broken bones and ligament tears are all common injures from playing basketball. Most of these injuries can be worse if impacted on a hard concrete flooring instead of our tried and tested Sport Court flooring. While it’s true that concrete is cheaper, you have to ask yourself, “What is the price of my family’s safety?”

Safety Is all That Matters in the End

At the end of the day, you just want to relax knowing that your kids are safe. You can’t be at ease if your kids are staying at the hospital with a sport’s related injury. There is no guaranteed solution to avoid all injuries forever, but the little bit of thoughtfulness, you can reduce the risk at your own home with a home basketball court.

With a Sport Court home basketball court your kids will not only be safer, but they will have every opportunity to excel in athletics.