Villanova hasn’t won a championship game since 1985 — but that all changed this year on April 4. In the NCAA® Men’s Basketball championship game in Houston, Villanova overtook North Carolina to win the championship by a three-point margin. There were quite a few highlights from the heated game that had sports commentators and fans buzzing after the game was over. Here are a few of the biggest highlights and moments from the game that you and your family can recreate on your home basketball court.

Kris Jenkins’ Winning 3-Point Shot

Villanova wing Kris Jenkins catapulted fans out of their seats throughout the game, scoring 14 points and making the game-winning 3-point shot — right as the timer expired. You can recreate this sense of excitement on your home basketball court by practicing your 3-point shots as a family — and then putting them to the test in a friendly scrimmage. The best basketball players play well even when they’re under pressure, as Kris Jenkins illustrated in the championship game.

Marcus Paige’s Well-Timed Clutch Baskets

Although Villanova may have ultimately won the championship game, North Carolina played competitively enough to inspire several moves to practice on your home basketball court. North Carolina guard Marcus Paige scored a total of 21 points throughout the game and made an astounding 3-point shot — with 4.7 seconds left to tie the game. Paige made numerous clutch baskets at key moments throughout the game, effectively making Villanova fight for possession of the ball. The lesson learned? Timing is everything. The best basketball players put their skills to the test while under pressure — which usually means playing against the best.

Test Your Skills on Your Home Basketball Court

Practicing 3-point shots and testing your skills under pressure (a friendly family scrimmage is a great idea) is a great way to enjoy your home basketball court while improving your playing skills and building your personal highlight reel. Kris Jenkins and Marcus Paige provided great inspiration with this year’s championship game — so lace up your shoes and head out to your home court to recreate some of the best moments from this year’s game.