If you’ve found yourself dreaming about having a home basketball court in your backyard, you’ve probably also found yourself having a few doubts about whether or not a home court will fit into your backyard. Here’s the good news (and there’s no bad news): You can make it work.

Having enough space for a backyard court may not be as big of a concern as you think. You just need an expert eye to help your dream become reality. When you work with experts like certified Courtbuilders™ at Sport Court, you’ll see there are many creative ways to fit a home basketball court in your backyard. If you’re worried about how a backyard court will fit with your existing landscape, let certified CourtBuilders™ custom design a court that looks like a natural part of your yard. 


Certified Courtbuilders™

Courtbuilders™ aren’t solely installation experts. They are a group of people who specialize in finding the very best location for your home basketball court. Courtbuilders™ work with the space you have to create a custom court just for your family. Families don’t come in one-size-fits-all dimensions — so backyard courts shouldn’t, either. 


Underutilized Places

There are locations you might not have thought of around your home that can be a great fit for a home basketball court. Garages often make fantastic indoor or partially indoor game courts. Unfinished basements with slightly higher ceilings can also be adapted to house a game or two. A less-used side yard or patio area can be transformed into a playing surface as well. 


Property Requirements

Finding the right space in your backyard can also mean navigating municipal property requirements. Courtbuilders™ like those at Sport Court can help you determine what areas of your yard are safe for a home basketball court and which areas are not. Areas to avoid include over septic tanks, near wetlands and close to large tree roots. Whatever the space you have to work with, professional Courtbuilders™ can help you maximize the opportunity for your family to gather on a home basketball court.