Fall is a highly anticipated time of year. The weather is cooling down, school has started up and it’s easily one of the best times for sports. Football season is just beginning. Attending these games can be fun, but also costly. Why not have your own family fun on your Sport Court flooring while you still can? Play your own games instead of just watching them.

Flag Football

Get off the couch and away from the television. Instead of cheering on your football team, grab your friends and family to play your own game of football on your Sport Court flooring. You don’t need to play contact football; choose a safer version of it by learning the rules of flag football.

Instead of tackling the other team, the defensive team pulls a flag off of the belt of the player with the ball. The rest of the game follows standard football rules. Advance the ball by throwing it up the field and get the ball to the end zone.


The best part of baseball season is almost here — October baseball. Post-season games are filled with wild cards, outlandish plays and plenty of games. After watching some baseball, go play a game of your own on your Sport Court game court. All you need is sports flooring, a baseball, a bat, gloves and place holders to act as bases. Grab your friends and play ball.


Tennis is a classic sport to play on your Sport Court game court as the weather starts to cool down. Grab a couple of tennis rackets and a ball — you’re all but set. You can play singles or doubles.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can mix things up by combining tennis and soccer. All you need is a Sport Court game court, a soccer ball and eight to 12 players. Separate into teams. Start by kicking the ball over the net. The receiver should let the ball bounce before kicking it back over the net.

Whatever games you decide to try, fall is an ideal time to get playing.