NBA - LA Lakers Sport Court Backyard Basketball Court

Many times our customers come to us and say we want a full-size basketball court in our backyard, but they have no idea what that means from a space or cost standpoint. Which brings us to the question of when to get a CourtBuilder involved in your backyard design project, our answer is early! It is important to know the right answer and avoid problems from the beginning and our local Sport Court Court Builders can assist.

NBA - Sacramento Kings Sport Court Backyard Court

Our builders know what things costs, they will meet with you and your family and design a project that meets the needs of both your family, your lot (HOA restrictions) and your wallet. Take for example some of the courts below. The courts can come in any size and shape and can even be designed to showcase your family’s favorite team!


If you have a future NBA All-Star in your backyard, maybe he wants to play on his teams court…that can be achieved, but only if we meet with your family and understand your needs. From installing courts for the NBA in Paris to installing an NBA themed court in your backyard, our Court Builders are experts on meeting our client’s needs. And the difference in Sport Court and other backyard basketball court companies is our commitment to quality customer service. We hold your hand through the entire process to make sure you get the best, highest quality solution for your family. 

NBA Basketball on Sport Court in ParisNBA Sport Court Basketball CourtNBA - Boston Celtics Sport Court backyard basketball court