When you start any major project, it’s nice to know that an expert is there to help. That’s never more true than when you are installing a home basketball court. At Sport Court, we help our customers through the entire home basketball court design and installation process by way of our Certified CourtBuilders™. 



CourtBuilders™ are specially trained and certified to work with Sport Court game courts. They will work one-on-one with you to create a custom court that meets your needs. . Want a specific color, design or logo? They’ve got your back. 



When you work with one of our CourtBuilders™, you can be confident that your investment is built on a stable foundation. CourtBuilders™ can look at your space and recommend the safest and surest court fit. Weird-shaped yards are no problem. 



One of the best things about CourtBuilders™ is that they are members of your community. CourtBuilders™ live in the areas they service, so they know how to navigate building codes and environmental regulations. They understand what the weather is like in your area and how community dynamics will affect how you will use your court. They know that every home basketball court makes their community a better place, so they couldn’t be happier to help your dreams become reality.



After your court is installed, CourtBuilders™ are there to keep your court in top shape. If you ever have questions or need repairs, CourtBuilders™ will be there ready to help. 



We know our CourtBuilders™ well. Most of them have spent at least 20 years with our company. We trust them, and you should too. As the years go by, your family will be together on your very own Sport Court game court, and no matter where or when you need them, your local CourtBuilder™ will be there too.