On May 27th, adult volleyball teams will meet in Orlando, FL to compete on Sport Court volleyball courts in the 2016 USA Volleyball (USAV) Open National Championships. This six-day tournament, held at the Orange County Convention center, hosts volleyball players ranging from their early twenties to late eighties. The USAV Open demonstrates that volleyball is a lifetime sport that can be played by athletes of all ages.

As part of a partnership with USA Volleyball, Sport Court provides all the volleyball courts for Opens. From practicing serving in their back yards, to playing on volleyball club teams, to competing in volleyball tournaments, Sport Court has grown with the volleyball players attending the Opens. Part of the reason Sport Court has been a mainstay in volleyball players’ careers is it ability to provide athletes with a safe, durable sports surface.

Sport Court volleyball courts offer athletes the traction of concrete or a traditional wood court, but without the same injury risk. Poorly maintained wood courts and concrete surfaces can be dangerous to athlete safety, and increase the risk of concussions and lower body sprains.

Sport Court flooring significantly reduces concussion injuries and joint strain by providing a forgiving surface that is easy on players when they fall, and provides cushion for their legs and ankles. These safety and injury prevention features allow athletes to stay healthy and injury free throughout their careers, keeping them off the sidelines and on the volleyball court.

Whether volleyball players are pulling up their kneepads and stepping on a Sport Court volleyball court as a middle-schooler, high-schooler, a collegiate athlete or a participant in the 79 and over age division at the USAV Opens, they will be stepping foot on a volleyball court that will help them stay safe and injury free!