No matter the professional sport, meltdowns are bound to happen. As your family watches basketball games, your children come to idolize their sporting heroes. What happens though, when a sporting hero throws a tantrum mid game? How do you help your children separate their hero’s virtues from their hero’s vices?

While playing on your fully customized home basketball court, you have the potential to shape the player your child will become both athletically and socially. By helping your child realize that best sportsmanship is good sportsmanship, you create an all around accomplished athlete.

Frustration Is Natural

Nobody claimed that basketball was easy. In fact, watching your favorite player try to hit a three pointer when his defender is on him like butter on bread looks impossible and may cause him to have an outburst of frustration.

When teaching fundamental concepts to your child, she may begin to mimic her favorite player. If she begins throwing balls across your home basketball court, take the time to sit down with her and talk about emotional expression. Frustration is natural, but controlling it denotes class and stellar sportsmanship.

Recreate Positive Moments

When you watch events like March Madness, you’re bound to see some spectacular moments. There will be a few buzzer beaters and some devastation, and your daughter will idolize her favorite moments and try to recreate those scenes on her home basketball court. When she does, take that time to teach her the importance of positivity while playing.

Be the Example

Always remember that your children are watching. You are as much of an idol as the basketball stars they watch on TV. Behave in a way you’d be proud to see them imitate. Never underestimate the power you hold in shaping the kind of athlete your child turns out to be.

The values of good sportsmanship will stay with your child on and off the court. As your junior athletes cultivate a love of the game and a good attitude, you pave the way for great teamwork on and off the court.