The summer is quickly approaching and many people are getting antsy to leave town. While taking family vacation can be fun, most of the time it can be stressful and expensive. By the end of a two-week vacation, your kids have defeated you and your bank account.

Why do you want to escape your home so bad anyway? Year after year families who have a Sport Court game court, whether a basketball court, tennis court or any other custom court, enjoy the fun of the summer without ever leaving their backyard.

With Sport Court Game Court, You Get What You Pay For

For around the same price as a two-week vacation with your family, you could install a multi-sport game court in your backyard. Imagine your children’s delight as you enjoy quality time together on your home basketball court.

On the other hand, you could be crammed in an economy class airline listening to your children complain for hours on end. Imagine how many times you will have to apologize to the passengers whose seat your son keeps kicking.

It’s a no-brainer when you put it that way, and that’s only the flight — you haven’t even arrived at the hotel.

Vacations Will Suck You Dry Year After Year

Another downside to a family vacation, is that it happens once a year. The price you pay to get family pictures in tropical locations is immense. With a Sport Court game court, the payment is more manageable. It’s just a one-time fee.

After your home basketball court is installed, you don’t have to be spending money in maintenance year after year. With a family vacation, if your home isn’t fun to hang around in during the summer, you’ll be spending the big bucks every year until you finally make the decision to invest in a basketball court.  

Make Loving Memories With Your Family

Instead of spending your summer on a destination vacation, spend them in your backyard with your family, making lasting memories on your home basketball court.