Father’s Day is four days away! Do you have a gift yet? If not, Sport Court can help make your last minute shopping a breeze with our backyard courts.


1. Bocce Ball Court

A new bocce ball court is the perfect way to say, “I love you Dad!” Bocce ball is ideal Dad’s who love to spend a relaxing evening outside grilling and playing with the family. The courts are low maintenance, easy to install and provide non-stop family fun.

Sport Court Bocce Ball Court

2. Putting Green

Save your Dad a trip to the golf course and help him improve his game in the backyard. Sport Court’s custom built putting greens are designed for Dad’s who want to improve their golf game anytime of the day. Plus, it’s a bonus for kids of all ages who get to practice their putt with Dad!

Sport Court Putting Green

3. Backyard Multi-Sport Court

From horse to volleyball to tennis, the fun is never ending with a Sport Court backyard court. This is the ideal gift for a Dad who likes to do it all. Each day a new sport can be played on a multisport court, keeping both Dad and you engaged! 

Sport Court Multi-Sport Court