Hotels & Resorts

Create a fun, like-home environment for guests with recreational courts. But not just any courts. With a lot of visitors, you need maximum versatility and durability in your recreation facilities. We’ve got you covered—whether you’re adding or refurbishing—with courts installed by your local Sport Court certified CourtBuilder™.


We have a wide variety of surfacing types for your facility’s many needs including:

  • Multi-purpose game courts
  • Basketball courts (indoor and outdoor)
  • Tennis courts
  • Whatever you decide to put in, our surfaces will provide you with the best looking courts for your needs.

Additional benefits

Sport Court game courts can be installed over existing surfaces, so you don't have to resurface or tear out anything to get a brand new court for you guests.



We pride ourselves on building the Safest Court in the World™. Our patented Lateral Forgiveness™ and superior shock absorption make Sport Court surfaces ideal for your facility.

Now What?

Contact your local CourtBuilder to find out more about getting a Sport Court surface for your hotel or resort.


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