A Sport Court game court is a great way to bring professional quality sport surfaces into your own backyard. And while our game courts have been used both for home use and by high school, college and professional basketball teams across the country, a Sport Court game court is a highly versatile surface that can be used for much more than just basketball.

In addition to reducing the risk of concussion and other sports-related injuries, home basketball courts can be used for all kinds of outdoor activities, such as volleyball, tennis and badminton. Rather than going out to the gym or joining a tennis club, having a professional Sport Court game court on your property makes working out and family fun that much more convenient.

Having a court at home makes it easy to practice basketball with the kids, but it can also be used for backyard parties and family gatherings. Hosting the annual family reunion? Get all three generations involved in some physical activity by organizing a handball tournament, or just playing a few rounds of pickup volleyball.

While some Sport Court game courts are specially designed for roller hockey, futsal or netball, a Sport Court can be put to a variety of uses. Multi-sport courts are great for neighborhood bake sales, grade school basketball games and everything in between.

Making the decision to install a Sport Court backyard game court doesn’t have to take a lot of effort. Whether you’re looking for an all-around multi-sport game court that works for several sports or just a small game court to make playing backyard basketball a little safer, Sport Court has something for you. 

Whether you’re considering a small project or a larger installation, Sport Court game courts are easily customizable, able to accommodate both larger and smaller budgets with relative ease.

No matter what type of sport your family prefers, Sport Court offers a safer and more reliable alternative to your typical asphalt driveway. With long-lasting value and low maintenance costs for a variety of sporting events, get the ball rolling on family home fitness with a new backyard Sport Court game court.