The sun is shining and your kids are probably feeling an itch — a “get outside and get active” itch. You can always take them out for a run around the park or for a swim in the community pool but staying in your backyard might be what you want to do instead.

If this is the case, either a pool or a home basketball court would be good upgrades for your backyard.

Can You Have Both?

If your backyard is spacious enough, you could get both a home basketball court and a pool. Wouldn’t that be nice? However, most families don’t have this luxury. Most families have to choose one or the other. We are here to tell you why a Sport Court backyard game court is a better investment. This feature is far more versatile than a pool and it takes less effort to properly maintain.

A Sport Court Backyard Court Is Safer and More Versatile Than a Pool

While a home basketball court and a swimming pool cost about the same amount of money to install, a backyard court offers more bang for your buck. A home basketball court is more versatile than a pool is. There is only one thing you can do in a swimming pool: swim. A backyard game court, on the other hand, has innumerable functions — whether it’s volleyball, basketball or roller hockey that you want to play —  and is safer to boot.

Swimming Pools Are High Maintenance

Swimming pools are just too much work to maintain. Proper maintenance requires you to monitor the chemical levels of the pool. You’ve got to keep the pH levels of the pool within a safe range. It is also important to know the pool’s chlorine level, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid level and total dissolved solids level.

For your Sport Court backyard game court, you can leave your rubber gloves, white lab coat and safety glasses at home. All you need to enjoy one of these is a good attitude and family.

Don’t Waste Your Time and Money

Take it from us, a home basketball court is the best purchase you can make for your loved ones. Don’t waste your time and money with a swimming pool. Instead, spend that time and money making your family happy. Check out our custom basketball courts, and install the perfect court for your future.