To many athletes their home is their training ground. It can be tough trying to practice at a crowded park with people and pets running around. In fact, that can make it impossible to get any training in. If you’re a serious athlete this is a great example of why you should consider investing in a backyard basketball court from Sport Court.

Not only would a Sport Court game courts be good for a game of basketball, but the surface is a versatile choice for all sports. One backyard favorite is futsal. This is soccer that is played on smaller courts, usually at a faster pace. While often played indoors, this form of soccer can be taken onto an outdoor game court, which makes for a great training ground.

Here are some skills that can be practiced on your backyard basketball court.

Practicing Your Juggling

This is one of the very first things any futsal player should practice. Juggling the ball consists of kicking the ball into the air and keeping it off the ground while alternating between your left and right foot. This technique will improve your ball control and coordination.

Once you’ve gotten the basics of juggling down, you can start getting fancy with it. Try the world famous “around the world,” where the goal is to wrap your foot around the ball while it is in mid-air, ultimately catching it with the top of your foot and continuing to juggle.

Trapping the Ball

This technique is also designed to help a player develop better ball control. The way to practice “trapping” is to kick the ball high up into the air and catch it with the foot of your laces as it comes back down. You should then settle the ball onto your backyard basketball court and make sure it does not bounce away from you.

Passing the Ball

You can’t be a successful soccer player without good passes, which is where a Sport Court backyard basketball court comes into play. Rebounders are recommended for those who will be using their court for soccer, as the athlete can pass the ball at the rebounder and have it returned to them.

The Backyard Court Is Calling

There is no better way to train than on your own private backyard court, free of distractions and obstructions. Consider investing in a Sport Court game court as investing into your game. Shoot for glory and make the choice today.