Volleyball is a demanding sport. One second the player is jumping to block an opponent’s spike, and the next second another player is diving on the home gym flooring to save the ball before it hits the ground. The stress that this sport puts on a body is intense.

You can easily injury yourself if you don’t take precautions. Here are a few ways to help you avoid an injury as you bump, set and spike your way to the Olympics.

Take Time to Warm Up and Stretch

You should always take time to warm up and stretch. Spend at least three to five minutes running, performing jumping jacks or stationary cycling. After your muscles are warm, it’s time for some dynamic stretching.  

Dynamic stretching has been shown to be more effective than traditional static stretching. Dynamic stretches mean moving while you stretch. A great example of dynamic stretching is to do a lunge with a twist. This stretch will engage your hips, legs and core muscles. The benefits of dynamic stretching will be obvious the next time you step on to the court.

Always Use Knee Pads

Athletes often forget or dismiss using safety equipment. Some think that wearing them is uncool or uncomfortable. However, knee pads have been designed to save your knees when you fall or dive on the court. Wearing knee pads will give you confidence to hit the sports flooring as fast as possible.

Use Sports Court Flooring

Sport Court flooring uses underlayment that offers the best support in the industry. The home gym flooring is also made with advanced Lateral Forgiveness technology that can guarantee that you’re playing on the safest sports flooring on the market.

Avoiding injury is the most important thing as you train to become your best. Don’t let an injury stop you from achieving your dream. Make sure you always stretch, use knee pads and go with Sport Court’s home gym flooring. Your knees will thank you for years to come.