Earlier this summer you watched the Stanley Cup playoffs in anticipation — anything could happen. Night after night, you and your family gather around the television and felt like you were part of the game. However, have you thought of a good way to spend that family time after the playoffs are over?

Don’t miss the opportunity. All this excitement surrounding hockey can be a good motivator for summer exercise on your home basketball court.

You Can Train for Hockey in the Summer

You’re probably thinking that it’s summertime and there is no ice. How are you supposed to train to glide on a sheet of frozen water in 100 degrees of relentless sun? The players participating in the Stanley Cup right now figured it out. You better believe they train all year round, and your kids can too.

Professional hockey players obviously have access to indoor ice rinks in the summer time, but they also do plenty of exercises off the ice as well. These are the kind of activities you can work on with your kids outside on your outdoor basketball flooring.

Know How to Properly Train

Learning the right muscle groups to build can hone your kids’ hockey abilities when the time comes to get back on the ice. Do exercises that build quickness and strength. You’ll also want to implement a healthy diet.

During your basketball court installation you probably weren’t thinking that you’d train your kids to be hockey stars, but that’s the beauty of having a versatile home basketball court. It doesn’t have to be used exclusively for basketball. When the winter comes, there are even easy ways to convert your outdoor basketball flooring into an ice rink.

Don’t Let the Energy Die

By keeping the energy from the Stanley Cup flowing, you may even get to see your kids playing in the tournament one day. All it takes is a lot of hard work and dedication on your basketball court throughout the year.

Remember, it’s never too hot or too cold to be a champion.