For years now you have watched the insanity that is March Madness®. Your children inherited your love for the game. Throughout March they pull up a space on the couch with you to enjoy the games.

As the 2017 NCAA® Basketball Tournament is back in full force you might soon find that inspiration strikes your family. Your children who have spent hours on your home basketball court are getting serious about their basketball dreams. The passion you see in the faces of these college athletes is the inspiration they need to set a goal to someday be a Final Four® basketball player.

How to Be a Better Athlete

Dreams of March Madness dance through their heads. With more than 300 Division I colleges, who are allowed up to 13 scholarship players on their rosters, the proper amount of skill could make their dream a reality.
If any of your children hope to become successful college basketball players, it starts at home. The first step on the road to the Final Four is to increase their athleticism. Start them off with ball handling exercises that they can practice on your home basketball court after school. As they grow older you can work in weight training to get stronger.

A surefire way to see improvements in any game is to set up scrimmages on your backyard game court when they are feeling confident enough. Each challenge will push them to do a little better.

How to Find a Balance

As time passes, you may find that setting an NCAA® goal is a pressing one. While you help your children set practice goals on your home basketball court, be sure to find balance between rest and school.

Not every hour can be spent on the court. But by pushing to be better in all areas of life, you can help them find their full potential.

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