A Sport Court gym floor was installed by the late Rick Surratt at Antonian College Prep High School, in San Antonio, in the mid-1990’s. For over 20 years the floor had performed well and withstood several floods as well as daily sports and physical education activities. As time passes, the school grew tired of the "Lego floor" and decided to replace it, so their general contractor called the Sport Court dealer (Sport Court of Texas) to come in and take a look.

The result of the site visit was to offer them a replacement MapleSelect floor, which their volleyball coach was very aware of, but the basketball coach had never seen. This decision was based on several factors, but the most important were 1) their long term plan called for converting this gym space to a science wing in a couple of years and they did not want to waste money installing flooring that couldn't be moved, 2) they wanted to re-purpose as much of the old floor as possible, so we were able to replace just the playing court area and leave the old CPI border intact. This allowed them to plan for the future. When they built their new practice gym, they can move the existing court and purchase additional Sport Court gym flooring to match and finish out their new gym without wasting any funds.

Below are photos from this school's Sport Court gymnasium makeover. We removed the old playing court. Cleaned the rubber underlayment and repositioned it. Then installed the Maple Select with black boundary tile and lanes.

If you are an original Sport Court customer looking for an upgrade (or just have an outdated gym floor), we have a solution. You may love your old floor, but the new maple look will make you LOVE your Sport Court gymnasium floor again.