Last November, Ector ISD had an immediate need to have a 6,500 square foot Sport Court Maple Select floor installed prior to the basketball season. So Sport Court scrambled to get a gym floor installed for the school. 

A sever ice storm hit the DFW metroplex shortly after, the weight of the ice on the roof twisted and bent the support iron of the building. The gym facility was unsafe and the facility had to be structurally modified. The 2013-14 basketball season was a wash and with impending major reconstruction activities about to take place, the Sport Court gymnasium floor needed to be removed….immediately. 

The Sport Court team went in and removed the floor material and the rubber underlay in a pattern. They stacked all the material, shrink wrapped it, and numbered everything so the basketball court could be re-installed exactly as before.

Nine months after removing it, Sport Court re-installed the floor system in what appears to be perfect order… graphics, lines and all. The only new material needed was the wall base trim around the perimeter.

This is just another example of why Sport Court gym floors are a perfect solution for schools and weather vulnerable areas.