Sports are for all kids, of all shapes sizes and abilities. Any kid, especially those differently abled in any way shape or form, deserve the opportunity to play. The organization Disabled Sports USA helps kids adapt themselves as well as any family’s home basketball court so that any child can be part of the sports world.

Athletes in Wheelchairs

In the last decade wheelchair sports have become massively popular, perpetuated by exposure such as the film “Murderball.” The athletes train just as intensely as any other sport, building up their upper muscles to navigate their wheelchairs and bodies to get the ball into the hoop.

Specialized wheelchairs built to take impacts as well as increase speed and agility are used in these games. Any child in a wheelchair can be just as rough and gritty as their differently abled friends.

Minimal Change Required

To change your home basketball court so that it’s better adaptable for your differently abled child, the only real change to be made at first would be to lower the basketball hoop. As your child becomes more comfortable navigating the court and shooting hoops the basket can be returned to regulation height, as is used in other disabled persons sports.

The court itself just has to be kept clear of debris, which is an overall good safety tip for any home basketball court — since just about anyone can trip over a stray branch or leaf and end up with a sports scar.

Discouragement Is Par for the Course

It’s not easy for a child to figure out how to dribble with wheels or shoot a basket from a sitting position — especially if your child is still not used to using the chair. Give her time to understand her body and her new skills.

After some time on the home basketball court, your child can make themselves into the same level of competitive athlete as any other kid (including premiering in high level sporting events and even the Olympics).