When you make the decision to install a Sport Court basketball or multipurpose game court in the backyard of your home, we understand you have a lot of choices to make. Sport Court game courts come in six different sizes, with endless variations as to color, design, sport and court elements such as a light system, rebounder and optional fence.


Sport Court’s trained CourtBuilders are here to help. At Sport Court, our arsenal of specialized CourtBuilderswork one-on-one with customers in order to craft that perfect home basketball, futsal or tennis court. Need a specific design or logo? Sport Court’s CourtBuilderscan help with that. Working with a tight amount of space — or a tight budget? CourtBuilders can help. CourtBuildersare local, able to assist customers with the navigation of local building codes and environmental regulations.


Speaking of environmental regulations, Sport Court’s CourtBuildersare dedicated to the company vision of environmental sustainability. Sport Court has been recognized as a ZeroWaste manufacturer, and many Sport Court features — such as SportBase, GreenPlay and PowerPro Dance Flooring — are made from recycled materials. Sport Court’s SportBasesystem works to improve drainage for a recyclable, easily-removable base.


Not only will Sport Court’s CourtBuildershelp you find the best court configuration to fit your needs, they’ll ensure your court remains in top shape over the years. With more CourtBuilderson scene than any other sports flooring manufacturer, a Sport Court CourtBuilderwill always be available whenever someone’s home basketball or multi-sport game court needs a quick tune-up.


Sport Court’s CourtBuildersare trained professionals with experience; the average CourtBuildershave spent at least 20 years with the company — if anyone knows the ins and outs of Sport Court installation and maintenance, it’s the Sport Court CourtBuilders


Use the online Sport Court CourtBuilderto design your custom home basketball court or multi-purpose game court. Send your custom design on to a local dealer and get started with your very own unique game court.