Safest Court in the World™On Thursday, President Obama said that the culture of American sports "must shift to cope with the danger posed by concussions.”

We couldn’t agree more. The current attention is around the athlete and education, but the question we believe everyone should be asking is about the equipment and more importantly where the kids are playing sports.

The majority of children around the United States play sports on concrete Basketball Courts, acrylic Futsal pitches, and in VCT tile gymnasiums. These surfaces have no impact resistance and make our children even more vulnerable to head impact.

At Sport Court we have conducted independent research to find out the impact on the body from playing on concrete and used that to then engineer our surfaces to reduce the shock on the body. We can scientifically say that Sport Court gym floors reduces a child’s likelihood for joint trauma and trauma from head impact.

During the summit, Obama said, "We want our kids participating in sports. I’d be much more troubled if young people were shying away from sports." He added that a "crucial part" of the effort to reduce concussions is "filling in the gaps in concussion research."

At Connor Sport Court we are committed to keep innovating to make the safest, best performing surfaces for athletes young and old. We would like to encourage schools, cities, sports organizations and community centers to take a hard look when investing in sports surfaces and make sure the gym floor or outdoor court provides the maximum safety.

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