For over 40 years, Sport Court has been the company families turn to for spicing up the backyard with a volleyball, tennis, futsal, handball, netball or home basketball court. With our signature skill set, we can morph any second rate backyard into something that sports dreams are made of. But we are so much more than that. 


Trusted By Professionals


Professionals know they can trust and depend on Sport Court design. Some of the leading sports associations trust us to create a court that will keep their athletes safe regardless of how hard they play. We can represent any team on the floor in no time through our custom personalization process. 

Whether it’s the USA Volleyball Olympic National team’s court or your first home basketball court, we continue to meet the needs of every customer.


Create a Safe Place

Through decades of innovation, Sport Court has created the ideal place for your child to play. Our multi-patented, two-tiered court surface reduces the risk of concussion or serious injury. Your family can play sports, ride bikes, rollerblade and just hang out in the security of your own backyard.


Relationship Builders

Most importantly, Sport Court provides home basketball courts that stand the test of time. We provide a place for families and communities to spend time together. In an age of technology, it can be difficult to get the children of the neighborhood outside, or even in the same location. Sport Court creates the place for all of them to go.

Families love what our backyard courts do for their relationships. A home basketball court gives your family a reason to turn off the video games and get moving. A simple game of one on one can open up the doors of communication. Whether it’s to stay in shape or just to hang out, the family that plays together stays together.