The weather may be turning cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still take advantage of safe place for your family to play in your home. Sport Court home gyms are trending up. As real-estate prices continue to increase, families are looking to add usable square footage to their homes, and what better way to do so then creating a safe play space for your entire family to enjoy.

And the real value comes in creating a place for the entire family to spend time. The majority of our customers talk more about the fact that they get to spend more time at home with their kids, have the neighborhood at their house and know what their kids are doing…than about the cost or potential upside on investment.

  • “We want to make our house so much fun that all of my kids' friends want to be here and I know where they are and that they're safe. A home gym in a cold climate is a fun reason to invite someone over." ~ Mrs. Hart
  • "I travel a lot. I wanted to create an easy option to engage with my kids, a home gym lets me do it without loading everyone in the car to go to the club." ~ Mr. Oh.

Each home gym can be customized in your families favorite colors or to meet your design taste. Some fans go as far as to create a home gym that matches their favorite team. Check out the home gyms in our court gallery to get some design ideas. 

Many of our Sport Court dealers are already booking numerous home gym installs for this fall. If you want to get your family on the list just reach out to one of our certified CourtBuilders and talk to them about how you can create an official gym in your home. Our local Court Builders are experts on designing home gymnasium that meet your family needs and your budget.

Things you need to consider:

  • Space: How much space do you need and how much ceiling height do you have? Some gyms are as small as a 20x20, but can be much larger.
  • Sports: What do you want to play? Do you want a place to play roller hockey in your basement? Or are you looking to shoot hoops?
  • Design: How do you make the gym fit into your overall homes aesthetic?
  • Quality: Where can I find products that will stand-up to my kid’s constant play? 

Check out the latest installs from Sport Court of Minnesota