As the official Partner in Development of Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB), Sport Court® has been helping volleyball grow in the world’s developing nations since 2010.

FIVB and Sport Court

The partnership developed when FIVB acknowledge that more than half of FIVB’s Member Associations do not have their own volleyball facility or volleyball court to play on. To solve this problem FIVB created a Development Fund to build associations their own place to play.

International Volleyball Court

“The FIVB Development Fund was established to satisfy the needs of less developed national federations with projects and to assist the FIVB Continental Confederations with their development priorities,” said Mr Jizhong Wei, President of FIVB. “The support offered by FIVB and its partners, such as Sport Court allows developing countries to receive qualified instructors, manuals and volleyball equipment, many of which are things these countries would never have the means to provide for themselves.”

Building Volleyball Courts Around the World

To date, 58 FIVB approved volleyball courts have been built in countries around the world. For many developing countries, sports such as volleyball are typically played on outdoor concrete or asphalt courts, both of which can be very hard on athletes’ bodies. The FIVB approved Sport Court volleyball courts are providing volleyball teams safe places to play and communities are place to discipline, endurance, fairness and teamwork through sports.

More to Come

FIVB and Sport Court plan on growing the number installed of volleyball courts to sixty-five in the near future.

Together, FIVB and Sport Court are building champions in communities around the world by giving athletes and kids a safe place to play, practice and compete.