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Bolts are being passed and drills are running in order to build a basketball court in time for the crowds that will hit Greenville for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

"I've been with Sport Court for 15 years," Dave Barbee said.

Barbee owns Sport Court Carolina.

"We install gym floors, basketball courts, outdoor basketball courts," Barbee said.

The small business owner just got a shot to get some exposure because of the traffic expected to head to Greenville during the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

"A lot of people have never seen one of the courts," Barbee said."It's always great to be involved in something like this."

The court is being built off Main Street in Downtown Greenville as part of Greenville Fan Fest. Food trucks, games, and contests will post up downtown too in support of the tournament.

"There's only a few sites around the country," Barbee said.

The first two rounds of the NCAA tournament will be played at Bon Secours Wellness Arena. Tickets for the games are already sold out.

David Montgomery, the vice president of VisitGreenvilleSC, says this is a unique opportunity for Greenville.

"This is an opportunity for us to make a strong impression," Montgomery said. "Economic impact for the event is approximately $3.6 million-compare that to SEC Women's Tournament which was $1.7 million."

More than 6,300 hotel rooms are booked and guests are expected to pack restaurants. Organizers are also asking employers to let their employees work from home in order to avoid more traffic in the area.

"I think just have an awareness that parking is going to be premium downtown and also for us to get as many visitors into the garages," Montgomery said.

Barbee said he wants those visitors to hit his court as he competes for business.

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