Playing tennis or basketball with friends and family on your home multi-sport basketball court can be a fun activity for everyone involved, however you may not always have other people around to play with. Practice your sports skills on the Sport Court backyard game court with these engaging one-player activities.


Wall Ball

A good way to work on your tennis technique by yourself is to hit the ball against the wall repeatedly, a game also known as wall ball. Return the ball at a variety of different angles to mix things up a bit, and test your reaction time and make the game more challenging by positioning yourself closer to the wall when playing.


Five in a Row

This simple basketball game starts with a player shooting baskets from six feet away. The player must make five shots in a row before taking a step back, then make five shots in a row from that spot and so on until the player misses. The object of the game is to successfully make shots from as far away as possible.


Practice Serving

This tennis exercise is less of a game than a good way to practice on your own. Work on your serve until you’ve mastered it, and then try hitting different serves such as flat, slice and topspin serves. You can practice paceless killshots and overhead strokes as well.


Mikan Drill

This one-player basketball game is great for when you’re home alone with the basketball court. Named after Hall of Fame basketball player George Mikan, this game involves shooting as many layups as possible within a 30-second timeframe. Set the timer to 30, then start shooting, alternating between left-handed and right-handed layups from each side of the basket. 

Playing one-player games on your home basketball court can be a great way to brush up on your skills, but there’s no substitute for a real game. Work on your form at home, then get out there and get back in the game.