As we watch the news out of the Balkans, we are reminded of the power of mother nature and of the power of water. If you are unfortunate enough to go through a natural disaster and your gymnasium floor or outdoor court is flooded, there are some immediate action steps that can save you a lot of money.

First off, try and prevent water from getting on the court surface, but if that’s impossible, then immediately soak up any of the water that's pooled on the floor.  

“During a US Hurricane the roof was torn off a building and it filled up with water. We were able to remove the Sport Court gym floor, power wash it, dry it and put it right back in. The only cost was replacing the rubber underlayment,” Dan Wollman, Director of Commercial Sales.

If you are fortunate enough to have Sport Court sports flooring here are your immediate steps to take in case of flooding:

  1. Call your Sport Court builder and notify them of your unfortunate circumstances, ask them how quick they can respond. If they are unreachable...
  2. Remove sitting water from the court with a shop vacuum or towels.
  3. For indoor gyms, pick up the Sport Court modular tiles and stack to allow the underneath slab to dry.

Once your CourtBuilder is able to get on site they will likely be able to power wash your floor, dry it and reinstall it. You will likely need to replace the underlayment and maybe a small portion of the court, but if responded to quickly, the Sport Court sports flooring should be ready to go.

If you have a wood basketball court it will likely expand and warp due to the flooding. Call your local wood floor contractor and get them to come out and assess the damage and offer ways to help dry the floor. 

"A lot of wood and synthetic floors are adhered to the floor," said Joel McCausland, director of product management. " If they get substantial water damage under them, it's going to destroy the glue, wood sub-base and other elements that prevent you from laying the floor back down.”

Your options for wood courts may be total floor replacement or extensive repairs. If you live in a flood prone area, you may want to consider a Sport Court gym floor moving forward…to keep future repair costs at a minimum.