Sport Courts are not just for the average family home — professional athletes also enjoy playing on their home basketball court as much as they can. When Richard Sherman and Tom Brady are not focused on football, they can be found playing on a Sport Court along with the likes of Shaquille O’Neil and Michael Jordan. 

Richard Sherman

The Seattle Seahawks have had the best scoring defense in the NFL the last four seasons, and their secondary — nicknamed the Legion of Boom (LOB) — is a major part of that. When they are not terrorizing opposing offenses, the LOB can be found playing pickup on Richard Sherman’s custom LOB Sport Court. 

Shaquille O’Neil

When Shaq is not breaking basketball hoops, dunking or missing free throws in NBA arenas, he is rumored to still be missing free throws and breaking basketball hoops — just on his custom Superman NBA MVP home basketball court. 

Adrian Beltre

Adrian Beltre, a future Major League Baseball Hall of Famer, had maybe the best Sport Court ever built at his home in Los Angeles when he played for the Dodgers. He did not just have a basketball court — Beltre’s custom Sport Court came equipped with tennis courts, golf greens and batting cages.

Tom Brady and Michael Jordan

While Tom Brady and Michael Jordan might not have a home basketball court at any one of their many homes, the two were recently seen playing basketball on a Sport Court in the Bahamas. 

These are some of the best athletes of their time in their respected sports — and the one thing they all have in common is that they either have a Sport Court at their house or they have been seen playing on one. Basically, in order to be one of the most famous athletes of your generation, making an investment in a home basketball court is a great place to start.