With the Wimbledon Championships happeningthis month, there is no doubt practicing should be an athlete’s number one priority. Training should be fun and challenging, however not exclusive to the elite. Why leave all the fun to the professionals?

With a Sport Court home tennis court, you too can train like a Wimbledon champion. The tennis court surfaces we design can improve comfort, decrease injuries and add aesthetic value to your backyard. Here are some ways you can feel like a Wimbledon champion while practicing on your home tennis court.


Although not greatly impacting your game, dressing like a Wimbledon champion can bring an athlete comfort and credibility. Shoes matter when it comes to your game. A combination of proper footwear and a Sport Court home tennis courts will be safer on your joints than traditional courts — thanks to our Lateral Forgiveness.


Of course good looks and a sweet racket won’t win you a tennis match, because appearance isn’t everything. Make sure that you are taking full advantage of your home tennis court by training as hard as you can. The flooring ensures maximum comfort for long training sessions, which will prove to pay off during your next match.

Always train as if you’re already competing against your opponent. Think to yourself, “Am I training harder than them?” This mentality will push your boundaries and help the tennis champion in you come forward.

Celebration Practice

No great win can be complete without a celebration. Practice your best fist pump and wave; this way you can top the game in style. Still, make sure you are practicing good sportsmanship by congratulating and shaking hands with your opponent.

Take pride in your game. Unleash the Wimbledon champion in you by training on a Sport Court home tennis court.