Athletic accomplishments are not the only things taking place on your home basketball court. As your children dribble and pass, up and down the home basketball court, you have the potential to create so much more than all-star athletes.

Positive motivation and constructive criticism have the ability to shape the kind of person you child will become — both on and off the court. The experiences you have on your home basketball court are as customizable as the Sport Court itself — and because of that, you have thousands of opportunities to help your children grow and develop.

Studies show that the positive motivation and constructive criticism you give your children during those vital developmental years will shape the successful individual that they will ultimately become.

Positive Motivation

Positive motivation is never coercion or bribery. Positive motivation allows for good behaviors and accomplishments to be rewarded, while poor performance is not punished — it is simply ignored.

Your home basketball court is a place where you child will excel, but will likely also encounter discouragement. Together, as you and your child combat disappointments and setbacks, stick to positive motivation. Even when your child is not perfectly successful, reward his or her hard work and honest efforts.

Develop a rewards system that works for your child specifically. Consider using both verbal praise and physical rewards to create a blended system that rewards your child for hard work and accomplishments. Your home basketball court is creating an amazing athlete, so take the time to celebrate that.

Constructive Criticism

Giving constructive criticism can be difficult. Oftentimes, even with the best of intentions, criticism can hurt more than it helps — thus constructive criticism is vital.

When giving constructive criticism, try your best to focus more on the situation and less on the person. By voicing that it is the situation that needs changing, not the child, the criticism becomes less personal and more effective.

When possible, recognize the correct actions of your child before addressing the mistakes. Always be specific and offer suggestions for change. Give your child time to process your suggestions and always allow him or her the chance to ask clarifying questions — this is important.

A blend of positive motivation and constructive criticism prepares your child to be an all-star on and off the home basketball court. Rewarding the accomplishments and kindly correcting the mistakes builds a unique bond of trust between you and your child — all while helping your child grow into an amazing and successful individual.