If you’re struggling with ways to get your kids off the couch this summer, you aren’t alone. With the latest smartphones also come new apps and games designed to consume your child’s time and attention. With summer coming up, your kids should be excited about being able to play outside, not about the latest android game.

If you’re looking for a solution to this crisis, consider investing in a home basketball court. Not only are these courts great when it comes to keeping your children safe while playing basketball, but the Sport Court game court allows for alternative activities.

Here are just a few playground games your child can enjoy on a backyard basketball court, download not required.

Four Square

An elementary favorite, four square is a simple yet engaging activity. Each player occupies a space, four being the maximum. The objective is to bounce the ball to each other until someone makes a mistake and is eliminated. Once a player is eliminated, each player moves a square until one player reaches the highest ranked square.

Only requiring a red, rubber ball, Sport Court game court makes the best surface for a nice game of four square.


While many students play hopscotch on concrete with chalk, foam tiles can be placed on your court for maximum comfort and safety. This game helps children with their coordination, as the goal is to make it to the end while hopping through squares and alternating between using one foot and two.

Jump Rope/Double Dutch

Jump rope is a playground classic. From single rope to double dutch, this activity improves cardio in a fun and sometimes competitive way.  There really is no objective, unless you want to see who can successfully complete the most jumps. A game court from Sport Court will also make the activity softer on the feet, allowing for increased play and decreasing the chance of injury.

There are many enjoyable activities that can be done on a home basketball court — things you can’t do with a simple smart phone.