In 1998, 4 girls in Brock, Texas, on their way to celebrate a basketball victory, lost their lives to a drunk driver.  It was shortly after, that one of the girls’ fathers, Greg Welch, and the rest of the community, vowed to create a memorial to the girls that would serve as a place for the community to gather.

A campaign to build the a gym as a legacy to Welch and the four girls followed. Construction on the gym began in 2008, however with many private schools, the gym construction was delayed as donations were needed for other school programs. Almost eight years later the gym is finally complete. The community has a place to play basketball and celebrate.

"This gym is an absolute blessing to the students and faculty at WCS but we are also excited about the opportunities it brings for more community involvement, such as being a stop on the Optimist League route, the option for satellite church services, community gatherings like dinners, galas, or even Chamber outings," she said. Leslie Chalmers, Director of Development.

"The possibilities are endless, and we love partnering with a community that has helped to make this dream a reality."

Sport Court Gymnasium a Reality

This interior of the memorial gym facility was, quite literally, constructed around the Sport Court Maple Select gymnasium floor. As you can see in the time-lapse video and the pictures, the floor was installed in a shell of a building.

The build-out then took place around the Sport Court gym floor. As the entire effort was paid for through donations, various portions of the facility were addressed as the funds were available. Because of the modular nature of our project, low maintenance costs and flexible installation…we were able to bring the communities needs to life within their budget.

“This project made me personally realize that; The causes, catalysts, sacrifices and efforts that allowed us to participate are significant, and are humbling. I am grateful that we will have played a small role in creating a joyful gym and activity center at Weatherford Christian School.”  Robin Allen, Sport Court of Texas

Special Thanks to certified CourtBuilder Next Court for facilitating the project. 

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