You own the gear; your bumper stickers color each car in your driveway; and you’ve even gone so far as planning your schedule around each event. March Madness® is your life. As you work your way through the upsets, buzzer beaters and injuries that come with this time of year, you may be inspired to bring a home basketball court to your own backyard.

It seems like quite the task. You have to pick a color for your home basketball court, get the materials and permits, and try to fit it in between work and basketball games. Luckily for you, a Sport Court CourtBuilder™ can take care of all the details, so you can focus on the game.

A simple visit to our CourtBuilder is your first step in this journey. Take a second to customize your backyard court or home gym. Do you have a preferred college basketball team? We can bring their colors to your home. Setting up a quick visit with a CourtBuilder will give them what they need to build your custom court.

March Madness — a Family Affair

Your family can bond over the craziness from the comfort of your couch as we build your court. The anticipation of watching your very own Sport Court home basketball court may overshadow the excitement of March Madness.

In effort to harness the excitement, spend some time as a family to predict who you think is going to win. Print out a schedule for the 2017 NCAA® Basketball Championship and highlight the games you plan to watch together. This will give everyone ample time to work their schedules around it.

If the anticipation of finally having your own court is too much for you, set up a viewing party in your neighborhood. Share dinner and watch a game with friends in your community. There’s hardly a better way to begin bonding. When your court is ready, you’ll be able to return the favor with a hangout spot for everyone.

Welcome to Your New Court

You waited. Even if it didn’t take that long to install your Sport Court home basketball court, you were patient. On the day that your court is ready to play, it calls for a celebratory dinner. Get the family together, make a meal fit for a champion and set up a projector to watch the Final Four® games on your new backyard court!

Watch tonight’s game from the comfort of your own backyard. You deserve it.


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