POSTED ON 10/13/10 | Sport Court is now in its 21st year of being the official surface for USA Volleyball, said Ron Cerny, President and CEO of Connor Sport Court International, parent company of Sport Court, based in Salt Lake City. “In addition, we have been the only surface used for the NCAA Volleyball Championships since 1993”

The video explains how volleyball experienced tremendous growth once Sport Court demonstrated that its court surfaces provided ideal performance as well as ease-of-use. Prior to Sport Court’s appearance on the volleyball scene, championships had to be divided among many venues in a community, with basketball courts being re-striped to accommodate the sport.

Says Doug Beal, CEO of USA Volleyball, “It is difficult to overstate the impact Sport Court has had on our sport. It has changed the culture of our sport . . .it has enabled us to play the game in facilities that were never available before.”

Mike Chandler, Managing Director of Events for USA Volleyball, says “We wouldn’t be where we are without Sport Court. With Sport Court we can put together a hundred courts in two days.”

Tina Krah, Associate Director of Championships for the NCAA, says “Sport Court changed the look of our championships. Sport Court provides the ‘wow factor’ and a unified look.”

Erika Austin, Assistant Director of Licensing of the NCAA, says “It’s an added bonus when our players can come in and play on a quality court, and Sport Court provides that.”

“Sport Court floors are so portable, easy to lay down, and friendly to our athletes. Because of their resiliency, durability and color component it (Sport Court) has become part of the excitement of playing volleyball,” Beal said.

“Sport Court spurred the growth of women’s volleyball almost as much as Title 9,” Beal added.

“Our Response playing surface is a state-of-the-art engineered polymer surface, which has Lateral Forgiveness™ for player safety while at the same time providing the resiliency needed in this fast-moving sport,” Cerny said.

“Our engineers constantly develop and improve this court system, making it the indisputable choice for volleyball players the world over,” Cerny added.

In addition, Sport Court is proud to announce that in September it was selected as an official partner for FIVB – the world’s governing body for volleyball. This honor took place at a signing ceremony at the 2010 World Congress in Rome, Italy.